Keyshare Innovation Group

Work For You

Our New Holographic Portable Solutions

Bring imagination back to business

Attract Attention

Keyshare Holograms Custom Devices provide a very unique opportunity for you to attract customers without direct contact.​

Mesmerize Audiences

Keyshare Holograms Provides a Platform for Your audience to bring their vision to reality

Increase Sales

Keyshare Holograms, Allows our Clients with a new Hands-free way to promote, sell, and interact with their customers

Maximize Returns

Keyshare Holograms Provides an easy-to-use platform for our clients to maximize their ROI

24/7 Online Support

Keyshare offers 24/7 onsite and remote support

12-Month Warranty

Keyshare offers 12-Month limited Warranty on all Hardware

Highly-Secure System

We work with your technology team to ensure secure data streams thru our cloud service or yours . Our holograms are open Source Capable

Keyshare Community

Collaborate with our Hologram Community and stay up to date with the latest technology

The world’s best Hologram device in the market

KIG Patented Hologram devices are the best in the market

The KIG Hologram device Brings high-definition 3D holographic visuals unlike anything out there

KIG Hologram Devices have a small footprint and are easy to transport